Saturday, November 28, 2009

The streets were wet -- some were rivers.

He welcomed me into his home and we stood far apart as he said
"She's so good and she learned so much from you. Talk to her.
Let her in."
I collapsed my bags in his corner.

His hair was different, I noted, and his surprise at me left only that knowing silence
a low tilted chin and hints of shame.

For the trickery -- there was no wall (in fact there is no wall)
and so I rose and fumbled, too
with him
until the strange touch of lips to my forehead brought me again to consciousness and resignation.
Outside the rain seemed to hurt even the pavement with each shocking, heavy strike.
I felt the fear build it's predictable pocket of tears in my lungs and
strain my neck

The rest then blurs
everything but my face on his beautiful knees. (gracefully letting the woman accept)
I lay long and low with my hands gently tucked behind his legs as he waited, I think
A game I never liked, at all. I've always had a weak stomach.

The colors of the rain were inside, too, throughout-- and I saw the other rooms eventually.
They loomed tall and empty with strange patch rugs of different colors -- one had yellow walls
and neither had windows.

I went out
to the stricken, drowning street
where I was quickly swallowed by it's ghostly dancing performers,
charmers, butchers, smokers..
costumed salesmen, neon signs, splashing women
hot baking, hot roasting
and the smell of only rain as if
it were the one remaining element
as if it had rained so long -- enough to soak entirely through
taking.. becoming the scent of everything else in the square
and the next square
and the next square
and my home..

Turning one corner took me around many and I was lost.
His door was gone so
I wandered late
waist deep sometimes
and near the end of the dusk hour I waded into the place that was supposed to be mine -- I found it as I had never seen it.
Thin splitting posts held the banister
sloped down to my face
the mess of reeds
scrubbing with current
the soggy, blood painted stairs.

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