Friday, August 21, 2009

She lay on the bench stretched naked with thin and curling tattoos spanning her whole body that I'd never seen before. They wrapped her thighs like weeds, wound up her stomach mounting the ribs I knew so well. They lead my eyes: I followed to her wrists and fingernails.
Her hair was different but I didn't comment. Instead I slapped her thigh and again with the back of my hand. Then her belly. "Where have you been?!"
Instead of answering my scream she calmly pulled me to lay on the bench with her where we didn't quite fit and my shoulder hit the table. But the company was so nice... and missed, and welcome.
In the silver light the wood of the picnic table looked wet but wasn't. She was dry and cool. I don't know who's birthday it was.. their candles were already blown out, sucked on and sitting on the edges of the bystanders paper plates. I couldn't hear their talking and since I couldn't feel their eyes either I didn't pay them any thought and lowered my cheek to her sternum for a quick moment before leaving.

Around the corner near the woods I met the man again. (This is all about self control, right?) Standing with my head all the way back: the stars were brighter, brighter and brighter as he finger fucked me. Down to the leaves -- his knees and my back. So it went. On my way. (Maybe not about self control at all... oh, fuck! everything is about self control.)

To family. To the end of this. I found my brother's ship and we went to space.

Say goodbye...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

fucking bisexuals.