Friday, September 04, 2009

We can run side by side together if you'd like.
I don't mind if you get ahead...
I will watch your hair flickering in the distance and keep running
toward you.

Some folks, you see, they don't know the pleasure it is to watch
as you jolt and push and pant.

In the end what if I were to come upon you
sprawled in the grass with your ears red from the wind?
I could lay my body next to yours!
Tight against the earth
looking at the sky as we let our breathing slow.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I think a couple of hours passed. The wind outside was cold and the sun dimmed

slowly I sunk deeper into the cushion of your couch and you leaned on me. Or I leaned on you? I only know where we landed, I guess,
on our feet and walking out the doors. One after another. Leaving.
I wrapped my scarf tight and concentrated.

the thought of the kiss (that struggle - the thought!)
I said "I see, well, let's get some food then" or something...

But more importantly than all of that
why the fuck is any of it
potent enough to even create a memory inside of me?
it was just
some day.
You are just some fellow.